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Saturday February 9th  2pm – 4pm Innovation House, Molly Millars Close  Wokingham Berkshire RG41 2RX   


Quit Smoking Event
Quit Smoking Event


You can Quit Smoking Easily without any desire to smoke

If you have had enough of smoking and wish to stop spending all your hard earned cash on smoking, damaging your health more and more then this group Quit Smoking Fast Event is just for you!

For a fraction of the price of a private 1 to 1 Quit Smoking Session you can now become a Non Smoker in a 2 hour workshop and hypnosis event with Wahida Finlay.

If you have tried to quit and struggled with cravings, willpower.  Or stopped and started multiple times and tried vaping or nicotine patches or gum or even Champix from your doctor you know that these things won’t change your habit.  Vaping and Nicotine patches are still pumping your body with Nicotine and how can Champix change your mind to not want it any more.

Did you quit then suddenly something stressful happened to get you back to smoking again?

If you choose to work with me you will regain control of your health and your life. You will have the freedom to make your own choices without feeling trapped by cigarettes.   

No Cravings 

No Desire To Smoke

No Weight Gain

I am proud to help all my clients be successful and happy individuals and I strive to make sure you can walk away happy and confident as a non smoker. 

This is an interactive workshop. We will be eliminating cravings and testing them and making sure you are all 100% Ready to Quit!  

Lets Do this !!  Join me in February or if you can’t wait… a private session! 

This Quit Smoking Workshop is perfect for you if:

You are committed to stopping smoking

You are ready to change

You are willing to do things differently ( your way hasn’t worked all this time so you are willing to try something new)

You are willing to do all the small  tasks before, during and after the event to experience amazing success

You are tired of being tied to smoking and a prisoner to smoking and wish to be free of smoking

Accept responsibility for your own health and your own choices.


This Quit Smoking Workshop is not for you if:

You are being forced into stopping smoking by someone else

You are smoking weed /cannabis as this is not covered in this program

You wish for the hypnotist to click their fingers and you are an instant non smoker – This is not magic and you cannot be made to do anything you do not want.  We will not fix you.  We will guide you and show you how.  The responsibility to do the work is yours.  The responsibility to not buy cigarettes is yours.

Quit Smoking Fast Event
Quit Smoking Fast Event

Join me for our Group Quit Smoking Fast Event on 9th Feb